Cook Smarter

Everything started with the question what should we cook? 🙄 From long starings in the fridge or pantry with different ingredients you don't know where to start with, you're hungry and just want to eat without going to the store or ordering food. 💚And that's how You Got Cooking came about (and yes, for those who know, it was inspired by Johnny Cash's "Hey, Good Lookin'"). 🥣What do you get ? Recipes with the ingredients you already have on hand guided by our your personal AI cook. Easy and delicious. 🥘Give it a try, you'll probably like it and it's free too :)

Why waste time searching for recipes and going to the store? With You Got Cooking you make meals with what you already have at home. With just a few clicks, you'll have access to a variaty of tasty recipes that will turn those lonely cans of beans and that half-used bag of flour into a culinary masterpiece No more last-minute grocery runs or wasted food. Mealtime should be breeze. So go ahead and give it a try, your stomach will thank you!

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