We Got You and You Got Cooking

The mission is to make meal time easy, healthy and waste-free by providing recipes using only the ingredients you already have at home.

The AI is not perfect, so it might suggest creative recipes that may not suit your taste. Also keep in mind that the AI cannot physically taste the suggested recipes 😊. Use common sense when following any of these recipes.

Frequenty Asked Questions

  • This an easy way to get recipe suggestions based on the ingredients you have at home. The recipes are generated by an AI (for the geeky visitors, the AI is based on the GPT-3 model 🤓). Use english for the best recipe results, but other languages work too, try it out! Cooking with AI has never been easier!

  • Being a free service, to avoid any sort of abuse, we limit the number of recipes that can be requested per day by aspiring home cooks. If you want to generate more recipes, please come back tomorrow!

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